The Ultimate Marriage Proposal Ideas

Published: 26th October 2010
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You are ready to pop the question but facing a big challenge on how to make marriage proposal? Of course you want it to be unforgettable and perfect that your girlfriend will remember for all her life.

You need to have a great marriage proposal idea that will surely make her say "Yes." To help you out, here are The Ultimate Marriage Proposal Ideas that are will make a big impression.

Marriage Proposal Ideas with Food or at Restaurants

Using food is a great way to storm your sweetheart with a marriage proposal.

• Bake her a cake and put the ring on top in the icing. It’s hard for a woman to reject a man who bakes.

• When you're at a restaurant, pretend to drop something on the floor and let your girlfriend pick it up. When she does, drop the ring in her wine glass for a surprise. As she pulls it out, pop the question.

• Freeze the ring in an ice cube and pop it into her glass of water while you’re relaxing at home. She’ll notice something in her glass and when she sees it, get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.

• Take her to dinner at her favorite place. After you’ve finished, excuse yourself to go to the wash room, find your waiter/waitress and tell them your plan. Then order your girlfriend’s favorite dessert and ask the waiter put the ring on the top. Make sure to have them wait and bring it out after you're back at the table. Be ready to get down on one knee and propose while the waiter is putting the dessert down in front of her.

• Buy fortune cookies and take out the fortunes from them. Replace the fortunes with notes "Will you marry me"?

• Take her to your favorite restaurant that the two of you consider "special." Have a special menu made that has your proposal printed inside and have the waiter hand that menu to her. When she opens it and reads the proposal, get down on one knee and propose.

• Buy a bunch of Hershey’s Kisses and make a trail with them taking her to a quiet place with a bottle of wine waiting and roses everywhere. Tell her "Now that I’ve "kissed" the ground that you’ve walked on, will you marry me?"

Ultimate Marriage Proposal Ideas Using Flowers

Fresh flowers are the heart and soul of love affair. Here are some original fresh flower ideas to help you in your marriage proposal.

• Twelve days before you decide to propose, begin sending her a single rose every day leading to the 12th day. On the 12th day, she will expect a last rose to complete her dozen. Instead, surprise her with a full dozen roses and a ring and ask for her hand in marriage.

• Give her three long-stemmed roses and tell her that one is the past, one is the present, and one is your future. Get the ring tied to the last rose and then get down on one knee and propose.

Balloon Marriage Proposal Ideas

It is amazing that how many ways you can use balloons in your proposal to make it specific and unforgettable.

• Give her a balloon bouquet filled with rose petals. You can place the rose petals inside the balloons and then fill them with helium. Have the ring placed inside one of the balloons with rose petals. Surprise your girlfriend with the balloons and as you pop them, She will be showered with rose petals and an engagement ring.

• Surprise her with a room filled with balloons. Inside each balloon, put a love note (such as"I love you," "You’re everything to me.", etc). Hide under the collection of balloons a box with the ring. She’ll have to pop all of your "love notes" to get to the proposal! When she finds it, get down on one knee and propose.

Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas

Turn February 14th into a day she’ll never forget with a marriage proposal.

• Have her serenaded on Valentine’s Day. You can hire a singer to surprise her with a Valentine’s song. Or, serenade her yourself and end with the marriage proposal!

• Give her a heart shaped box of chocolates, with one chocolate missing and an engagement ring in its place. When she opens the box, get down on one knee and pop the question.

• Give her a beautiful heart pewter box with the ring nestled inside. Engrave your proposal or your names with the date on the top of the box. This personalized proposal will be a Valentine’s surprise that she’ll never forget!

• Give her a heart pendant necklace for Valentine’s Day and then surprise her with a Valentine’s Day wedding proposal as you get down on one knee with a ring. She’ll think the necklace was the only gift and then be surprised with the proposal.

Christmas Ultimate Marriage Proposal Ideas

Christmas becomes as romantic as Valentine’s Day when it includes a marriage proposal.

• Wrap it in a large box and give it to your sweetie on Christmas. She won’t be expecting it because a ring would usually be in a small sized box. You can fulfil the box with other romantic trinkets to storm her off more. Or you may fill it with peanuts and she will have to search through them to find the ring.

• Wrap it in box after box, ending with a big box with a big bow.

• Place strands of Christmas lights on your lawn spelling out "Will you marry me?" so that she sees it when she drives up.

Make your Ultimate Marriage Proposal unforgettable!

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